Ambrea Walks the Red Carpet on her Glamourous Weekend Shopping Spree

 “It was an overwhelming and really, really fun day.”

Ambrea suffers from a life threatening auto immune disease forcing her to take insulin injections daily in order to control her blood sugar levels and minimize the risk of long-term complications. Yet despite suffering from this disease her entire life Ambrea is more than outgoing and tries to live her life to the fullest.

Ambrea is your all American teenage “girly-girl”. She loves make up, country music, cheerleading, soccer, shopping, and both the clothing store “Pink” as well as the color. Ambrea has always wanted to go on a shopping spree to her favorite stores. Kids Wish Network helped her wish become a reality by setting up an all-day shopping spree at the East View Mall in Rochester NY.


Ambrea and her family arrived at the Strathallan Rochester Hotel & Spa, a four-star hotel located in Rochester New York. Upon arriving at the hotel Ambrea was given the red-carpet treatment and hotel staff were waiting for her with signs with her name on them. The hotel even donated tickets to historical museums in Rochester for Ambrea to visit during her stay there. Ambrea’s brother Caiden was also included in the wish and received a motor cross night light upon arrival at the hotel. That night Ambrea and her family were treated to a delicious dinner at Olive Garden.

Ambrea’s shopping spree to Eastview Mall started at Von Maur, a department store that specialized an expansive beauty line. There, she received a fabulous makeover and a goodie bag filled with beauty products. This was Ambrea’s favorite parts of her wish, the makeover made her feel like a celebrity on her special day. Next on the wish list was a trip to the clothing store Express where Ambrea received a generous gift card to use on anything in the store. Upon arrival at Express she was greeted with balloons by sales associates who then helped Ambrea pick out the perfect outfits. After shopping at Express Ambrea and her family lunched at Champps. Then Ambrea and her family continued to Claire’s where they were presented with a generous gift box filled with beauty products and accessories.

Ambrea was then directed to the East View mall’s customer service desk where she received a complimentary gift card to any store in the mall. Afterwards Ambrea and her family went to Bath & Body Works where she received another gift card donated by the manager to spend on whatever Ambrea wanted in the store. Next, Ambrea headed over to JCPenney where she was given a generous gift card for her shopping pleasure. Ambrea’s final stop was Journeys where she was greeted with a gift card to the store and a curated leather backpack full of store swag. That night Ambrea and her family were invited to dine at the elegant restaurant Max of Eastman Place.

The next day Ambrea and her family packed up their happy memories and headed home. Ambrea had a wonderful time on her wish and was able to shop to her hearts content. Ambrea’s mother Erica was grateful for the wish and incredibly happy to see her daughter smiling and having the time of her life.

 “Ambrea’s spirits have been lifted since her wish. Everyone involved helped to make it a truly special day for her.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Ambrea’s dreams become a reality:

  • Strathallan Hotel & Spa by Hilton
  • East View Mall, Rochester NY
  • JCPenney
  • Von Maur
  • Champs
  • The Journeys Group
  • Express
  • Claires Accessories
  • Bath and Body Works
  • The Journeys Group
  • Olive Garden
  • MAC Cosmetics