Adventure in Mile High City for Sibling Wish Kids

“It was truly magical, I loved the way their faces lit up every time they walked out of the hotel”

Avery and Matthew have always wanted to visit Colorado. Kids Wish Network granted their wish and flew the siblings out to Denver for a shared wish. Avery and Matthew were excited about their adventure in the mile-high city.

Their family stayed at The Brown Palace Hotel. After arriving, Avery and Matthew went to the Mile High Stadium and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. They had a ton of fun learning about all that goes into setting up the stadium for a game and admiring all the dedicated athletes. That night they had a fantastic dinner at Yard House. To their surprise, Avery and Matthew were greeted with goodie bags, balloons, and journals filled with suggestions on what to do in Denver.


The next day, Avery and Matthew went to the Denver Art Museum. Avery really loves art and enjoyed the print making and other works of art. After perusing the art gallery to their hearts content, they walked around the city looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations. For dinner, they went to Steuben’s and were personally greeted by the manager.

After exploring the artsy side of the city, Avery and Matthew went hiking in Boulder and took in the natural beauty of Colorado. After an active day of hiking, they were treated to a delicious dinner at Del Frisco’s, where the family received excellent service and sampled different foods to discover what they liked. Avery and Matthew were surprised by a kindly patron who overheard they were on a wish, and told their server he would give them money to spend on whatever they wanted.


They Both suffer from a life-threatening autoimmune disease. “It was truly magical,” said their mom Angela. “I loved the way their faces lit up every time they walked out of the hotel.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Avery and Matthew’s dreams become a reality:

  • Mile High Stadium
  • Denver Art Museum
  • The Brown Palace
  • Yard House
  • Steuben’s
  • Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse