A Lavish Shopping Spree to Remember

Chloe’s favorite thing to do is shop. She loves clothes, makeup, and stuffed animals, and wanted an extravagant shopping spree. Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, mad her dream come true with a shopping adventure at West Town Mall in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Her big day began before the mall even opened. She was first invited to Belk and was greeted with applause from the entire staff that lined up to welcome her. The manager gave her a gift card to use in the store, and she also had her own personal shopper. Belk even surprised Chloe with a DJ to play all of her favorite songs while she picked out the perfect outfits. After picking out all her wonderful clothes, Chloe was thrilled with a professional makeover from Lancôme.

“She loved it, she was truly living her best life,” said Chloe’s mom Courtney.

Her next stop was Bath & Body Works where she received another wonderful gift card. Then she was off to Build-A-Bear Workshop where Chloe created two stuffed animals to take home with her. Afterward Chloe enjoyed lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Then it was back to shopping at Express, where she received a gift card to pick out her favorite outfit of the day, a tropical green off the shoulder shirt, and a pair of light blue jeans.

She felt very special at Altar’d State, where they gifted her a generous gift card and provided her with a reserved dressing room complete with cookies and balloons. Chloe also went to Claire’s, Journeys, Charming Charlie and Aeropostale. She received wonderful gift cards from each store as was even gifted items from some of the stores.

“It was the best day ever,” said Chloe.

“Chloe was lavished by so many caring and generous sponsors who went above and beyond in making her wish so memorable,” said Kids Wish Network Executive Director Tam Lai.

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    Guest Blog by Wish Kid Chloe’s Mother Courtney
    A few months ago her endocrinologist recommended her for a wish program. It is called Kids Wish Network. After our endocrinologist sent in some forms, Chloe was officially granted a wish! Today she received her wish! An ALL DAY shopping spree!

    We arrived this morning at the Mall at 8am (2 hours before the mall even opened!) and our first stop was Belk! Let me tell you about Belk while trying not cry… we walked in to an entire store filled with employees only who were standing in two different rows waiting for Chloe to walk by them. As she walked by they clapped and cheered her on! The store manager Patrick informed us that our wish coordinator had told him about Chloe’s love for old school hip hop so that they hired a DJ to play music specifically for Chloe while she shopped with two amazing personal shoppers named Stacy and Emily! She Chloe got to shop til she dropped while listening to Notorious B.I.G, Grandmaster flash, Run DMC and more! And that she’d also be getting a makeover at the Lancôme counter by the ever so amazing Johnathan! Chloe shopped for an hour and a half picking anything and everything she could with her $700 gift card! I mean I was totally blown away and shocked! We were so grateful that Belk at West Town Mall went so above and beyond for Chloe. She said she felt like a princess! After an incredible two hours in the store we went to our next store!

    At 10am we were greeted by Becca at Bath and Body works! She helped Chloe shop with her $200 gift card! She also gave Chloe balloons and hand written personalized cards from other employees
    In the store wishing Chloe a magical day!

    At 10:45am we headed to our 3rd store for the day! We met Kelsey from Build a Bear who helped Chloe pick out not one but TWO different stuffed animals! She picked out Light Fury from how to train your dragon and a sloth she named Lulu! After stuffing, bathing, dressing and creating birth certificates we went to check out! We were gifted a generous $75 gift card but we went over price to $130. Fully ready to pay out of pocket for the overages, Kelsey informed us she was told that if we went over that was okay and to enjoy our new friends! How sweet!

    At 11:30am we headed to Cheesecake Factory for a complimentary lunch and our sever Tara was AMAZING. We could not have asked for a better server. She constantly checked on us and refilled our drinks every few minutes hahah! She was perfect. When we were leaving, the manager came out with 3 MORE Cheesecake deserts to bring home to Chloe’s siblings which I thought was so kind! The food there guys btw, delicious! I highly recommend the fried zucchini as an appetizer and the teriyaki chicken as your main course! Delicious!

    At 12:30 we headed over to Express and had our own personal shopper AGAIN named Miranda! She was phenomenal! She was bringing Chloe’s clothes left and right and gifted us with a $250 gift card! She then had Chloe do a photo shoot with her favorite outfit and accessories. Chloe once again felt like a princess!

    After an hour in Express it was then time for Chloe to head over to Charming Charlie’s! This store is super cute! They gave her a $100 gift card and a $30 coupon off $100 so really $130! Chloe worked with two awesome ladies who helped her pick out 3 different pairs of boots and several super cute jewelry items as well as this spiffy little unicorn glow light!

    After Charming Charlie, we headed over to Journey where we met Chase who gave Chloe this super cute backpack filled with several goodies and a $50 gift card! Chloe picked out these cute pair of Adidas which she has NOT stopped talking about since getting ?. The kid loves shoes what can I say?!

    After Journeys we still had more stores to go to! We headed over to Alter’d state. Let me tell you, if you’ve never been in one of their stores, you really need to stop in and check them out! They have the cutest clothes on the planet and their layout/design is gorgeous. We met Leilani who helped pick out clothes Chloe as well as the store manager! They had a dressing room all picked out and ready for Chloe with her name on it and set up on the inside with the most beautiful quotes and personalized things! They even had cookies for her and balloons! Chloe put on a fashion show for them and even though we originally only had a $50 gift card, the manager decided she needed MORE money and gifted us a SECOND $50 gift card! We couldn’t believe it! Chloe was ecstatic because she loved all the clothes they picked out for her but couldn’t decide which ones to get! With the 2nd gift card it made it a whole lot easier because she was able to get almost all the things she wanted!

    Finally we headed to our last store of the day! Aeropostale! We met Thessa at the register and she brought out Chloe a gift bag FULL of Aeropostale goodies as well as a $75 gift card! On top of that she found us a $25/$100 coupon so really we got to spend $100!!!! Once again Chloe was on cloud 9 picking everything she could! She also was stoked they had a lot of pride clothes because she loves to support her Uncle Michael Hendley!

    Today was an amazing day. We did not expect how gracious all of these stores were going to be to us and even with the novel I’ve written, I still am pretty much speechless and in awe at how all of these Amazing stores went above and beyond to bring even a glimmer of happiness back into my daughter’s eyes.

    Thank you so much Belk at West Town Mall, Bath and Body Works, Build a Bear, Cheesecake Factory, Charming Charlie, Express, Alter’d State, Journeys, and Aeropostale as well as Kids Wish Network for giving Chloe a fantastic day!

    Thank you Kids Wish Network for making my daughter smile more than she has in four years! J

    -Courtney Crouse (Chloe’s Mother)