A Gamer’s Dream Come True

“Thanks so much… He’s running around in circles so excited right now!”

Braylen loves playing video games, so for his wish, Kids Wish Network purchased him a Nintendo Switch – a gamer’s dream come true! Braylen also received a generous gift card so he could shop for even more amazing gifts.

He was born extremely premature, and doctors initially thought he wouldn’t live past 72 hours. Braylen has bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a long-term lung condition that affects newborn babies who were either put on a breathing machine after birth and/or born prematurely. Braylen has been through so much. He was on life support for 7 months, had a feeding tube, and took part in a clinical study for his heart.

Braylen was elated after his wish was revealed to him. “Thanks so much,” said his mom Brandi. “He’s running around in circles so excited right now!”

He was so over the moon with happiness, that he called his grandma and told her, “I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich!” Braylen also loves fire trucks and Hot Wheels, so it was also super thrilling for him receiving his personalized wish box from Kids Wish Network. It was packed with all his favorite toys.