A Backyard of Bliss for Wish Kid

When Glory was three, she had a full body rash, high fevers, soreness and muscle cramping. What was first thought to be scarlet fever, turned out to be autoimmune encephalitis, a debilitating condition brought on by an infection that affects many parts of the body. When her immune system gets triggered, her body attacks her brain, and it’s caused a lot of challenges with her day-to-day health. At one point, her flare-ups were so severe, she lost the use of her legs.

Glory finds her peace being outdoors. Her family recently moved to a new home, and the backyard quickly became her favorite space. Kids Wish Network, a children’s charity that grants wishes for kids with life-threatening illnesses, purchased her a generous gift card to Home Depot, so she could create her own oasis just a few steps outside her backdoor. Her mom said she’s already picked out a trampoline and tire swing. Knowing that she’s a blossoming artist and expresses herself through art, Kids Wish also purchased her a Michael’s gift card so she can have all the necessary art supplies for her beautiful creations.

“We’re so glad we could give Glory a wish that will bring her ongoing peace and happiness,” said her Wish Coordinator Kim Kreiner.