3-Year Old Shriners Hospital Patient Named Hero

What started out as a fractured elbow, turned into more than Dante could have ever expected. Shortly after being put into a cast, x-rays revealed his fracture became displaced. He underwent surgery, and later developed an infection, having to go back into the operating room for a wound procedure. Within weeks, Dante had an additional elbow surgery, and was once again hospitalized. During recovery, complications with his IV antibiotics made it necessary for him to have a PICC line. It was all so much for a 3-year-old to handle, yet he faced all the uncertainties and challenges with courage. Dante also showed compassion, using his newfound medical knowledge to treat his own patients at the hospital – giving the playroom’s dolls comprehensive checkups. He was nominated by his Child Life Specialist, Kate Moynihan at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Springfield, MA. He inspired everyone with his positive outlook, bravery, and resiliency throughout his tedious process to wellness. Kids Wish Network is happy to award and congratulate Dante as a Hero of the Month!