Donate toys and products

Play a starring role in Kids Wish Network’s toy story!

Kids Wish Network’s own Toy Story began years ago when Kids Wish Network, with its focus on bringing hope to deserving children, was very aware of kids who needed comfort and distraction from the challenging situations they faced day in and day out. Out of that desire to reach these children came our programs and with them, a quest for toys and other child-related items to support the constant year-round needs.

What we do when you donate toys and products

One such program, Kids Wish Network Holiday Of Hope On Tour , goes into areas of devastation caused by such things as poverty and high rates of homelessness, into cities ravaged by floods and other weather-related incidents, into towns whose citizens have reached out, asking for us to bring a day of hope for their kids. We imagined heading into a city delivering a truckload of new toys, games, clothing, and other much-needed items, and bringing a day of laughter to deserving children and their families.

Beyond our wish-granting program, Kids Wish Network knew it could also make an impact with ill and injured children being treated at hospitals and other child care facilities across the country and created its unique Hero of the Month program. The honorees are children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have endured a great deal of pain and suffering.

We understood that emergency and hospital rooms can be frightening places for children. We knew that toys can offer a welcome distraction to the upsetting and often traumatic experiences they face.

With that, our Holiday of Hope Gift Bank was born. Our Gift Banks would be packed with donated toys and delivered to emergency rooms, pediatric units, and other child care facilities. This uplifting, gift-giving program would bring cheer to children. We knew how giving these special toys could change a child’s tears into laughter and smiles.

We also knew we could count on a partnership with manufacturers of these items to support our efforts. And, we have been able to. With their help, we’ve made dreams come true for hundreds of thousands of children.

With the number of times Kids Wish Network participates in events and provides all of the amazing merchandise that make for a Gift Bank, we have a constant need for toys and merchandise appropriate for children. In response, the nation’s leading manufacturers and distributors of toys, games, electronics and other products for children have donated what has grown to be millions of dollars worth of brand new items to Kids Wish Network.

Kids Wish Network is proud of the relationships we have with our generous product partners who have always been there for the children, helping us fulfill our mission of bringing joy to their hearts and creating happy memories for kids all over the United States.

But the need remains great and constant, especially for the end of year holidays, which should be a special, magical time for children.

For those businesses looking to donate toys or products, the benefits of portraying your company as one that gives back, looking to restore a child’s hope for the future cannot be minimized. Our toy manufacturer partners have shared with us the positive impact they realize with both their customers and their own employees when the company makes a donation to Kids Wish Network.


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