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JoJo Siwa Fangirl Gets Her Wish

Maryland Girl Receives a Huge Surprise from Her Idol

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Bel Air, Maryland (December 2020):  Audrey Oberio of Bel Air, Maryland, felt like a Kid in a Candy Store when she got to meet her beloved idol JoJo Siwa. On Saturday, Kids Wish Network surprised Audrey by introducing her to the spunky dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube star via a Zoom call. 

Audrey, who has spina bifida and hydrocephalus, walks with the assistance of leg braces, but she never lets her disabilities stop her. Audrey’s mom Jackie describes her as non-stop, saying,  “She’s always dancing, moving, and singing. She’s full of life!” 

When Kids Wish Network connected with Audrey and her parents, the young girl didn’t have a specific wish in mind. Tambra Fulk, the organization’s Wish Department Manager, noticed that Audrey was always sporting JoJo’s signature big hair bows and wearing JoJo shirts and high top sneakers. She quickly identified that Audrey was a huge JoJo Siwa fangirl.


A Surprise Meeting with JoJo Siwa

Kids Wish Network arranged a top-secret zoom meeting.  Neither Audrey nor her parents knew what was about to happen. When the iconic blonde-haired teenage celebrity popped on their computer screen, Audrey fell back in her chair, speechless. Once she recovered from the shock, all she could say was, “I can’t believe I’m actually talking to JoJo right now!” JoJo laughed and sweetly responded, “I can’t believe I’m talking to YOU.”


The Wishes Kept Coming

The two talked about everything from music, videos, and dogs. Then, in one of many touching moments, Audrey got to personally thank JoJo for making shoes that fit over her leg braces. She also said she wears the celebrity’s bows and shirts every day, at which time JoJo told her that she sent her a package full of bows and merchandise that would be arriving at the Oberio’s home that week. 

Audrey then told her idol that she had tried to get tickets to her concert but couldn’t. That’s when the family received yet another surprise. JoJo shared that she and Kids Wish Network were giving the Oberoi family a $1000 Ticketmaster gift card so that Audrey could attend one of her upcoming concerts once COVID restrictions lift. “No matter what concert you come to,” JoJo told her, “I want to bring you backstage and meet you there.” At that news, Jackie started tearing up while Audrey screamed and squealed with excitement. Audrey’s parents agreed that having this wish granted made them feel that their daughter’s dreams really can come true.


Many Thanks 

Kids Wish Network could not have provided this wish to Audrey without JoJo Siwa’s generosity along with Jeff Colley at Reflexion Videography,  and the many supporters who believe in making wishes come true for kids who need hope. 


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