Meet Hug-O

Hug-O has brought joy to so many Wish Kids struggling with life-threatening illnesses…

Meet Hug-O

Here, your imagination is the key to a world of excitement at Kids Wish Network! Sit back and enjoy a range of activities that are safe for little eyes.

Hug-O has brought joy to so many Wish Kids struggling with life-threatening illnesses, giving cuddly hugs and celebrating their special dreams coming true. He’s also become an adored friend to our brave Heroes faced with life altering situations.

Be sure to check out Hug-O’s scrapbook filled with some of his most cherished moments – we even let him sneak in a few selfies! He invites you to follow along on his adventures.

Hug-O is a jet setter, so check back often!

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It all began Once Upon a Time… The Tale of Hug-O

A very special little bear was there for me when I needed him most. I was so young and struggling with treatments, surgeries and the unknowns of my illness. I acted brave, but was scared of everything I was going through. My days were a whirlwind of medical testing, procedures and doctor appointments – I never knew what was coming next. When I was all alone at bedtime, there were so many nights I cried myself to sleep. My fairytale dreams are what kept me going, and then I had Hope… Kids Wish Network’s magical fairy. She knew how much I needed a comforting friend to hold and be by my side. Hope created the perfect companion. He was cute, cuddly, kind and gave the best bear hugs – and she named him Hug-O!

When I went back in the hospital, I pretended to be strong, but Hope knew otherwise. She and Hug-O had a plan. They came to see me, and when visiting hours were over, Hope gave Hug-O a warm and fuzzy farewell hug, and placed him in my arms. He wiped my tears, gave me a gentle hug and snuggled beside me. Hope smiled knowingly; My new cuddly friend would bring me so much comfort, and something extraordinary was about to happen. My sadness turned to joy. I headed home with Hug-O and received some exciting news… Kids Wish Network was making my dream come true!

During my once-in-a-lifetime wish, my family and best friend Hug-O had fun taking pictures together everywhere we ventured. It was more than I ever could have imagined for myself, and felt like I was experiencing my own fairytale. We lived happily ever after, but it’s not The End. Fairytales continue for other sick children…

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