Hero Wishes

Although their young lives are changed forever, their courage and spirit serve as an inspiration to us all…

Recent Hero Wishes

We grant Hero wishes to children who have faced life-altering circumstances with extreme bravery and courage.

3-Year Old Shriners Hospital Patient Named Hero

What started out as a fractured elbow, turned into more than Dante could have ever...
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Hannah Brings Sunshine Amid Injury Struggles

Hannah suffered a pancreatic laceration from a traumatic bicycle accident. Even though it was her...
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Karla Faces Challenges of Injury with Vigor

Karla was in a car accident, and admitted to the CoxHealth Dee Ann White Women’s...
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Rhys Bravely Tells His Truth and Keeps Students Safe

Rhys was starting school as a special needs kindergartner. He was apprehensive, but also so...
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Kaliber’s Joy and Strength Overshine His Fear

At only three years old, Kaliber underwent surgery and multiple dialysis treatments. He mustered up...
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Makenzi Surprises Staff Throughout Lengthy Hospitalization

Makenzi’s ongoing abdominal pain turned out to be intestinal malrotation. Between her complicated surgery and...
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Dyllyn Remained Positive Through Extended Treatment

Dyllyn’s first surgery didn’t go as planned, but he remained positive and underwent an additional...
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Victoria Inspires Fighting Affliction

For the past couple of years, Victoria has been struggling with pain and fatigue from...
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Tanner Faces New Challenges with Positivity

Tanner wasn’t feeling well on his 13th birthday. His family had no idea it was...
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Chyler’s Strength Rises Through Her Fear

Chyler was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit with influenza B, strep A, and...
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Andres Bravely Copes with Uncertainties of treatment

Andres was first admitted to Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles for an appendectomy. His challenges...
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Sean Perseveres through the Pain and Inspires Others

Kids Wish Network is proud to award Sean as a Hero of the Month. He’s...
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