Wish Testimonials

Dear Kids Wish Network,
Rachel has been so proud o say why she was given this trip, and she doesn’t usually tell people about her condition. The magic of Disney even had her illness under control! Nothing is better than family time, and the memories this trip has given us will last forever! Thank you for allowing us to be tighter as a family in a place so magical. Thank you for taking the stress away from us (or rather us away from the stress) of what Rachel faces every day. Thank you!
~Rachel’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
Paige has been talking about how fun her trip was nonstop. She loved every minute of the experience. Paige has always been amazing and so strong. It was awesome for her to just feel like a normal kid and have fun. We have loved being able to go on a family vacation and spending some stress free time together. We are so thankful for this trip. You made Paige feel like such a princess. With all of the medical bills we have, we could never have been able to take Paige to Disney. You are such an amazing organization! We feel truly blessed. After the wish, we came home after a long day to find a surprise on our door step – a package full of toys! Kids Wish Network has spoiled Paige. You are a wonderful organization. We will be forever thankful for what you have done. Thanks again for all your kindness and love. 🙂
~Paige’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
Melissa said she felt like a celebrity during the vacation. She still tells everyone about her trip. It’s so nice for her to have something positive to talk about. Our family had so much fun on the vacation. We were all excited to experience new things together. This was a trip that we could never give Melissa on our own. KWN is truly amazing. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have fun and relax as a family. Thank you! Thank you!
~Melissa’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
Sophia’s Lego/art clubhouse provides an environment away from her illness! She gets to focus on being a child in her very own creative space. Sophia deals with her condition 24/7, and it is constantly on her mind. This wish gave her a chance to focus on something other than her illness. Our family truly appreciates the experience so much. Having any disease is not only expensive, but it is also time consuming. We would not be able to come up with the finances or the time to make her wish possible without KWN!
~Sophia’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
We are hugely appreciative to you and Ethan’s wish coordinator for granting such an amazing wish for him and our family! So much work went into planning this wish! ALL of your hard work and dedication sure does shine bright!!! From the bottoms of our hearts we all are forever grateful!
~Ethan’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
Myli is so grateful for Kids Wish Network. As soon as we arrived at Disney World, she started having a blast doing the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussaud’s and Sea Life. Our hotel was great, and the plane ride was so much fun. We couldn’t wait for all that was to come the rest of the week. We can’t thank you enough. Myli had a great time at Magic kingdom. Her favorite part was Mickey. She waited all day to see him. Thank you again Kids Wish Network!
~Myli’s mom

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