Wish Testimonials

Thank you for having such a program. That kind of experience we really did “wish” to give our family with Joseph but were never able to do so because of his illness. This really brought us all closer and have so many wonderful memories.
~Joseph’s mom

The overall experience was “above and beyond.” Nothing was wrong. Megan hopes that other kids in her condition can get to have the same beautiful experience as she witnessed on that grateful day! And we will try to get our friends to help donate to a wonderful cause.
~Megan’s mom

Vanessa was Bethany’s Wish Coordinator. She was wonderful! Vanessa had every last detail covered. She always returned phone calls when we placed them. The arrangements she made for us were superb and we experienced no problems with any of our reservations. Vanessa was very kind and thoughtful, she also worked very hard on scheduling around important appointments Bethany had.
~Bethany’s mom

No words can express our appreciation of what everyone has done for Andrew. Everyone did a wonderful job making Andrew’s wish come true. He signs “I love you” to everyone.
~Andrew’s mom

We want to say “Thank You” Kids Wish Network and all of our sponsors. Our memories will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for everything.
~Kailean’s mom

We are very grateful for the privilege to have a wish granted for our daughter. It was an awesome experience for all of us. Thank you, thank you and thanks once again!
~Kathryn’s mom

Hello to all of you wonderful angels there at Kids Wish…Our family still reminisces about our Disney trip in October 2004 for Derek and our family, also our Shaquille O’neal meet and greet for Nicholas in January 2005. The memories we made still make wonderful conversations very often in our lives. Our daughter also benefitted by being able to share some special memories with her brothers We feel so blessed and hope some day we can give back. I work in our local school with special needs kids…this year with an autistic child in first grade. Derek and Nicholas are still going strong. Derek is in 10th grade at highschool and is working on a farm driving tractor, light farm work, and has recently gotten his license. He is still getting around fairly well although sports are out of the question. Nicholas just finished up basketball, although laboring for him, he is hoping to have atleast one more year of baseball as he leaves our school in 8th grade to venture on to highschool. Our memories hang on our walls as the angel coins are in our drawers. Thanks again to such a wonderful group of angels…we think of you all very often.
Derek’s mom

I cannot express ho grateful I am to you. You have put the sparkle and hope back into my daughter that was taken away when she was diagnosed. May God bless each and every one of you always. Keep granting wishes.
~Natalie’s mom

What your program does is super! If I would ever hit the lottery or come into some money, Kids Wish Network would be the first on my list to donate to. Brandi’s expressions were priceless. Thank you!
~Brandi’s mom

It was the trip of a lifetime for our family! We have so many great memories and can’t thank you enough for granting Sabrina’s wish!
~Sabrina’s mom

You guys just don’t know how I appreciate the things that you did for my daughter. It had me in tears, but I couldn’t let her see me cry ‘cause she wouldn’t understand that they were happy tears. I had no clue that this would happen so soon. My daughter was so excited that I didn’t tell her until the last minute. I wish there were a way that I could see whoever put this together. It’s truly a dream come true. Thank you!!!
~Jaykayla’s mom

We are so grateful and appreciative that Lauren’s wish was granted. It was wonderful to see Lauren smile the entire trip. Lauren knew this was her special trip and she enjoyed every minute of the trip. We can never thank you enough!
~Lauren’s mom

I just wanted to let you all know how much I am proud of everything you guys do. When you granted my wish a few years ago my life couldn’t have gotten any better. Keep up the good work!!!

Much Love,

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