Holiday of Hope Testimonials

Our Holiday of Hope Gift Bank Program was designed to bring happiness and smiles to children in care facilities such as hospitals and shelters, and that’s just what it does. These testimonials have been given to us by the child care specialists and program directors who have witnessed the joy that the Holiday of Hope Gift Bank Program brings, firsthand.

Dear Shelley:
On behalf of Shriners Hospitals for Children-Tampa, I would like to thank you and the Kids Wish Network, Inc. for their participation in our Monster Mash on Thursday October 30, 2008. We are thankful for the gifts that Kids Wish Network supplied through their gift bank program. The gifts brought smiles to the faces of our patients and their siblings! I am delighted that Kids Wish enjoyed working with the staff at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Tampa at such a fantastic event. It is because of caring individuals such as Kids Wish Network, Inc. that our hospital can carry out our mission.

We appreciate the relationship that we have built with your organization over the years and your support is important to our patients and families. We are thankful to our community partners for connecting to our mission.


Bethanne Demas, RN, C, ONC
Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Outreach

Dear Ms. Breiner,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much the toy donation from Kids Wish Network has impacted the children at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

The children coming to our hospital are here for many reasons and many types of treatment – and while all of these treatments are designed to help and heal them, that doesn’t make them any less frightening for a child. MRIs, spinal taps, surgery and chemotherapy treatments are just some of the many procedures that children face here, and we know that it’s crucial these children find comfort in our staff and the touchstones they can provide. In addition, each of our hospital waiting areas that serve children now have toys to comfort them through play during anxious waiting times. That’s why it means so much to our pediatric patients when they receive a toy or stuffed animal through Kids Wish Network.

I wish we could share every story of how these gifts have helped our patients and their families. And I wish you could hear from every member of our hospital staff who has seen the gratitude of children and their families for comfort during tough times. Your gifts help our staff bond with patients, they make uneasy parents more relaxed, and most importantly, they make our youngest and often most fearful patients smile and feel comfort. For all of this, we thank you.


Susan E. McClernon, FACHE
St. Mary’s Hospital

Dear Kids Wish Network,
On behalf of the entire staff, patients and board of trustees at UMC, we thank you for your generous donation. Your generous gift of toys has been and will be given to the kids that we see on the Pediatric units and in the Pediatric Emergency Room.

We appreciate your commitment to our hospital. With your support, we fulfill our goal of being the Symbol of Excellence in Southern Nevada. Once again, thank you for your donation.


Rebecca Rych
Director of Development
University Medical Center

Dear Kids Wish Network,
My name is Melanie Bucholtz and I am a Child Life Specialist here at Elmhurst Hospital. I work in the pediatric emergency room as well as the inpatient unit.

The ER is a very scary place for kids with so many strange people and sights. Part of my job is to help kids try to relax and to distract them from what’s going on around them or happening to them. I frequently give kids the stuffed frogs, elephants, and bunnies to hold onto during a procedure. The reptile pens are great for older kids and teens that want to do a crossword puzzle. The younger kids enjoy coloring with the Care Bears coloring books and crayons that we received as well.

I give out the Squeeze Art play sets on the inpatient unit to keep kids occupied during their overnight stays. I am always amazed at the creativity and talent the kids show in their play. The Lil’ Muscle Cars are my current favorite item for the little ones. It helps them stay ambulatory in a confined area, as well as keeping them entertained.

Needless to say, I give out toys from your generous donation all the time! This latest donation was so varied in its content that there truly is something for all ages and tastes. Thank you again for your wonderful donation!

Melanie Bucholtz, CCLS, MS
Elmhurst Hospital Center

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