Hero Testimonials

Being honored as a “Hero of the Month” helps make difficult situations better for plenty of kids across the nation. For a glimpse into the joy that this program brings to these children, you can read the thanks we’ve received from the families of “Hero” kids and even some “Hero” kids themselves.

Dear Kids Wish Network,

We just wanted to thank-you for honoring Carter as the Hero of the Month for September 2016. It was a very hard summer and start of a school year for Carter. This award brightened his spirits and brought him joy! He was excited to go back to the hospital and see some of the staff who had been there to care for him during his accident and recovery. Thank-you for caring about Carter and all the other kids that you help to brighten their lives and make them feel loved and important.
Carter named his bear Skittles and he bought a remote control helicopter drone. He has played with it for countless hours.
Thanks again for making Carter feel special!

The Todd & Heather Petersen Family

Dear friends:
I am very glad to be Hero of the Month! Thank you for everything you sent me. It was a nice surprise to get your package in the mail.

The shirt is very cool and the medal looks cool in my room. I spent $150 of the gift card on a Nintendo DS system that I wanted for a long time. I gave $50 to my little brother, Jack, and $100 to a family that needs food and gifts for Christmas.

While it was not fun to be in the hospital, the nurses and doctors were great. I know that any kid going to Northwest Texas Hospital will get the best care.
Thanks for picking me for this special honor. Best wishes for a blessed holiday.


Mark Wiegand

Timothy likes to play super hero at home so now that he has a medal I am sure that will be part of his play time and dress up time!Thank you so much for everything. It could not have gone better. We are so thankful.

-Timothy’s mom

He was really excited to be given an award. He has never received one. For the next week that was all he could talk about.

-Koby’s mom

This was a fantastic experience for my son- something he continues to talk about well after the event. He is so proud to be a “hero” and wears his T-shirt and medal proudly!

-Jacob’s mom

It was truly amazing. She was sooo thrilled. It has made her summer fly by with all the goodies that she received because being 17 and having to be limited to staying home has been hard. This is a great program and thank you.

-Alyssa’s mom

Dear Kids Wish Network,
We cannot begin to tell you how much your generous gift has helped to lift Bekah’s spirits. Bekah was admitted to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital for two weeks at the beginning of June 2009. She was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Ulcerative Coilitis. The people at Yale have been fantastic. We really are impressed with their care. At the present, the doctors are still in the process of trying to find the drug that will work for Bekah as far as maintaining remission.

As you know this is a rough time for any child and their family. Even though we wish Bekah didn’t have to go through this experience we know she is learning a lot through it and believe she will be a more compassionate and loving person because of it. Already she has had the opportunity to volunteer to give some extra blood for research that may help in finding new ways to detect and deal with U.C. sooner. She has seen other kids much younger than herself suffering from other diseases and this has enlarged her heart towards people. So, even though it is tough, there are good things to be found in it such as organizations like Kids Wish Network…where dreams really do come true!

Thank you!

Rebekah, Tom and Cindy Walsh

After the terrible year (including eight surgeries), Michael was getting very discouraged and sick of being in the hospital. When he heard he was nominated by Child Life for Hero of the Month, he was amazed and when he/we got the call he won, he was so happy- it was just wonderful to see his reaction…it just made that twinkle in Mikey’s eyes come back, which I hadn’t seen since October!

-Michael’s mom

Whitney is a 16 year old girl who was burned in a campfire. Through the pain and healing, Kids Wish Network has given her a chance to think of positive things. While all her friends are working and driving, she has to stay at home. This gift card gives her the opportunity to buy some things for herself. You should see her smile! You guys are the greatest! Thanks so much for giving kids like Whitney something to smile about.

-Whitney’s mom

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