Facility Testimonials

Our Hero of the Month program has made many wonderful differences in the lives of children who have suffered through life-altering circumstances nationwide. Here, you can read how this program helps these children from the testimonials of the child care specialists who witness these miracles every month.

Yesterday we were able to present Harlan with her gift. Her mother wanted it to be a surprise and boy was it. I believe her favorite part of the entire gift was the teddy bear and matching shirt. This young lady is so spunky and always smiling. But, the gift from KWN made her smile grow even larger.
-Mobile Children’s Rehabilitation Services

Another “happy hero!” Thanks again for including us in this wonderful program!
-North Shore Children’s Hospital

We can’t say enough nice things about the program. It has made so many children feel very special. Thank you so much for helping us brighten a child’s day!!!
-Mercy Medical Center-Sioux City

Thanks again for such a great program to lift the spirits of our kids who need a lift. You make such a difference in so many kids’ lives.
-Lutheran Children’s Hospital

This young lady had been having a really hard time at home after discharge and your package was just the pick-me-up that she needed to continue pushing herself. Thank you so much for providing that to her.
-Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

I love the Hero of the Month program. It’s wonderful to recognize kids who’ve overcome illnesses/disabilities that aren’t life-threatening. Tyler and his mother loved being recognized and receiving the award. Thanks for involving us in such a great program!
-Texas Scottish Rite Hospital

This is an amazing program that truly recognizes our special kids.
-Hospital for Joint Diseases

This has been one of the most rewarding parts of my position when I get to give these families something to help them out. Every time I have given them these cards they tear up. It is more help than anyone can imagine. They are always very grateful.
-LaRabida Children’s Hospital

Thank you! Our staff enjoys nominating patients to be Hero of the Month. Staff have commented that it is a great program.
-Kapiolani Medical Center

This program is great! The child and his/her family always appreciates the recognition, and of course the gift card. It’s so nice to be able to help these kids during tough times.
-Elmhurst Hospital Center

Unfortunately it was not a surprise for the patient because she read her mother’s text messages!!! Nosey nosey! Other than that, she was super excited. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the hero party and the gifts. They were all VERY thankful! You guys are WONDERFUL!
-Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital

This little girl came and received her award with the biggest smile and we couldn’t take pictures due to family situations- but she said “I am going to buy something for me and for all my brothers and sisters because they deserve it too!”
-Lutheran Children’s Hospital

I just wanted to say that I have only heard good things come out of this program and I do hope you keep it going because you wouldn’t believe (maybe you could) how many times I have seen families AND patients get a little teary-eyed upon finding out they were selected as Hero of the Month. Keep up the good work!!!
Levine Children’s Hospital

Our hospital participates in this program and it is wonderful. The staff at Kids Wish Network is great and easy to work with.
Cox Health System

The program is fantastic and I highly recommend it!!
Elmhurst Hospital Center

The program is such a bright spot for our children. I am so happy we are part of such a wonderful program. Some of our kids go through extraordinary things and it is so nice to be able to recognize that.
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Great program!! It’s nice to have something available for kids with chronic problems rather than just for kids with life threatening illnesses. Tyler was so excited when he was told of the program. He had a list of video games he was going to buy with the gift card within a day of hearing about the program! Thank you!
St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital