Guest Blog from Jodie`s Social Worker

Dear Amazing Staff at Kids Wish Network,

I cannot thank you enough for doing this for Jodie. 

Thank you Tambra and Kids Wish Network for making Jodie’s dream a reality.  Jodie was born with a heart condition.  She is not a candidate for a heart transplant. 

Jodie LOVES WWE and everything it includes. Jodie makes plans to watch WWE every night of the week it is scheduled.  Jodie knows all of the wrestlers and has a few favorites. 

Kids Wish Network made it possible for Jodie to travel to Detroit to see a WWE SmackDown event and meet Roman Reigns, one of Jodie’s favorite wrestlers.  Jodie was so excited that this was planned for her, she even cried.  We all heard how much she loves wrestling and Roman Reigns. Jodie had never been to a WWE event before.  Jodie and her family were given a hotel room for the night at the beautiful Westin Book Cadillac Detroit.  When they arrived, they were given a pizza dinner.  The room at the hotel was amazing being on the 22nd floor. 

Jodie went to Little Caesars Arena and met with Roman Reigns, one-on-one for about 20 minutes before the show started.  Jodie loved this time with Roman. After meeting Roman, they made their way to their seats, which were FRONT ROW!  Jodie enjoyed this experience so much.  Jodie had the biggest smile on her face all night. 

After the show, the family went back to the hotel where cookies and milk were provided as a bedtime snack.  Jodie and her family said the beds at the hotel were the most comfortable beds.  They slept in later than ever.  The family was provided breakfast in the morning before heading home. 

Jodie’s grandfather stated that he has never been around so many kind people before and he is so thankful for this experience. 

Jodie has not stopped telling people about her experience at SmackDown and meeting Roman Reigns. 

I cannot thank Kids Wish Network enough for what they have done for Jodie.  This has been a dream come true for her.  She told me that this was the Best Christmas Ever!



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