Home Depot helps customize a kids wish

“She’s one happy girl! It’s sooo cute!”

 Molly has a passion for art and her only wish was to have an art desk for her room so she could have a special place all her own to work on her arts and crafts. Kids Wish Network granted Molly’s wish and set her up with a beautiful new desk and art supplies.

Molly was hospitalized after being exposed to E. coli. bacteria and was later diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome, a condition that leads to the destruction of blood platelets, causes low red blood cell count and can lead to kidney failure. Because of her syndrome, Molly developed chronic kidney disease.

Molly’s wish began when Kids Wish Network reached out to a local Home Depot to commission a custom art desk. The store manager Mike Stinard was beyond excited to participate and he and his daughter personally built Molly a custom oak art desk. After the desk was complete Mike and his team worked together to paint and design the special desk for Molly.

“She’s one happy girl! It’s sooo cute,” said Molly’s mother Abby Crooks. “It was an honor to be a part of this project and I’m glad we could brighten up Molly’s life in some way,” said Mike Stinard.

In addition to her brand new desk, Molly received a complete art set by Behr paint, donated by Mike and his team at Home Depot. One of the supervisors even painted and framed a picture of Elsa from Frozen, one of her favorite movies. Molly also received a certificate for free art lessons. Not only did Molly get the artistic wish of her dreams, but she and her family would also be going to the Great Wolf Lodge as part of her wish. Kids Wish Network set up the trip and Molly can’t wait for her special day.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank Home Depot for making Molly’s dreams become a reality.

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