Wish Reunites Courtney with Her Mom and Bridges Love Across the Miles

“It was an emotional time. I felt for everybody… there was a sensation of happiness.”

 Courtney has cystic fibrosis, an inherited disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body. She was raised by her loving grandparents, and in recent years, has been building a relationship with her mom who lives out of state. Last Christmas, her mom Christina had a priceless gift… she came to Alabama to see her family.  “It was a true surprise and blessing for Courtney and her brother,” said Courtney’s grandma Margaret.

Courtney could have asked for a tropical getaway, a shopping spree or meeting a celebrity for her once-in-a-lifetime dream coming true. Instead, she chose being reunited with her mom and simply spending time with her. She received her heartfelt wish.

Courtney, her grandma, grandpa and brother were flown to Nebraska where her mom lives.The family enjoyed time together bonding, and Courtney further appreciated time with her newly acquainted stepdad and brother. It was also important for Courtney and her mom to share special moments of their own. They were indulged in a day of pampering by Body Nouveaux Spa, with facials, massages and additional beauty treatments. “Courtney loved going to the spa with her mom,” said Margaret. “She was really really happy.” They also had a memorable lunch at Misty’s Steakhouse.

During the wish, the family had times of togetherness celebrating with food from Panera Bread, Fazoli’s, C. Berry’s, Jimmy John’s and Buzzard Billy’s. They also enjoyed going to Marcus Lincoln Grand Cinema for a movie, and were given spending money for additional festivities… they chose to visit the Omaha Zoo.

“My wish was a lot of fun,” said Courtney. “My favorite part was seeing my mom.”

“My fondest memory was the expression on Courtney’s face when she was greeted by her mom,” said Margaret. “What you did for our family was a big blessing. It was an emotional time. I felt for everybody… there was a sensation of happiness.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Courtney’s dreams become a reality:

  • Body Nouveaux Spa – Lincoln, NE
  • Misty’s Steakhouse and Brewery – Lincoln, NE
  • Panera Bread – Lincoln, NE
  • Berry’s – Lincoln, NE
  • Fazoli’s
  • Jimmy John’s – Lincoln, NE
  • Buzzard Billy’s – Lincoln, NE
  • Marcus Lincoln Grand Cinema – Lincoln, NE


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