July 2017 Newsletter

The forecast calls for wishes

Londen will soon be living out his life’s passion announcing the morning’s weather forecast on Houston’s KPRC Channel 2. No umbrella will be required. Londen will have sunny days ahead with his special dream coming true.

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Hero of the Month Ivan

Ivan is grateful to be a hero

At only 3 years old, Ivan underwent approximately 20 procedures during his hospital stay which lasted over 2 weeks. Medications to formulate his diagnosis also caused him debilitating pain, hindering his ability to walk. Through all of the discomfort, Ivan remained brave and continued to shine bright. Find out why CoxHealth Dee Ann White’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital nominated him as Hero of the Month.

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Wish Kid Sophie as a mermaid

Sophie’s wish is a special mermaid’s tale

Charlotte’s Ritz Carlton was recently transformed into a mystical fantasyland of unicorns and mermaids for Sophie’s magical wish. She was welcomed to the luxury resort with a “wall of applause” being greeted by hotel staff with claps and cheers. At the pool, Sophie met a beautiful mermaid who presented her with a special mermaid makeover of her own, complete with a tail, mermaid swim training, and an exquisite pearl necklace. Sophie even spotted a unicorn!

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