Gregory’s Wish Is a “Key” to Happiness

“All of it was amazing. I loved seeing the smile on his face throughout the entire wish.”

Gregory began vomiting and coughing frequently. His parents took him to the hospital, and blood tests revealed that he had Wilson’s Disease, an inherited disorder involving copper not being eliminated in the body properly. Instead, copper actually accumulates in the organs, and can escalate to life threatening levels. Symptoms include swelling, fatigue, abdominal pain, and uncontrolled or poorly coordinated movements. This condition has its challenges for Gregory. The medications that he takes make him tired, he must adhere to a strict diet and he cannot participate in any activities that can cause him to overheat.

Gregory is loving, caring and looks out for others. He is a huge fan of the River Monsters and Swamp People television shows, and his favorite activity is fishing. Kids Wish Network had the perfect paradise in mind… Gregory and his family would be traveling to beautiful Key Largo for a memorable family vacation.

Once arriving in Florida, Gregory’s family experienced tropical bliss checking in to the exclusive and luxurious Ocean Reef Club. “They had food waiting for us when we got there,” said Gregory’s mom Lisa. “The staff was all so nice and helped us every day.”

Wish Kid Gregory and the food that awaited him in his hotel
Wish Kid Gregory gives a thumbs up to the food that awaited him in his hotel

The next morning it was time for Gregory to experience a fisherman’s dream come true with Round Up Fishing Charters. Gregory had the big catch of the day reeling in a 25 pound Skipjack tuna. “I thought it would have taken me longer to bring in the fish,” said Gregory.“My favorite thing was catching all the mahi-mahi and tuna.”

Wish Kid Greg on Round Up fishing charter boat
SkipJack fish caught by Wish Kid Gregory

After their fishing adventures, Gregory’s family enjoyed amazing food at Sundowners, with spectacular views of the evening’s main attraction… a beautiful Florida sunset.

The following day, Gregory made a new friend named Axl, one of the friendly dolphins at Dolphin’s Plus. He enjoyed getting in the water for a very special interactive dolphin experience. “I really liked all the cool moves that I got to do with the dolphins,” said Gregory. “I enjoyed learning how to have Axl the dolphin do his tongue wiggle, shark impression and painting.”

Wish Kid Gregory and his new friend the dolphin
Wish Kid Greg at Dolphins Plus feeding the dolphins and making friends

In the evening, the family had an amazing dinner at the resort’s Burgee Bar, located waterside with beautiful scenic views. The restaurant also went out of their way to accommodate Gregory’s dietary restrictions. “They even sent his fries upstairs to be cooked separately, because of the fish being cooked in the same oil,” said Gregory’s mom. “And the main chef brought in ingredients to make Gregory Rice Krispies Treats all on her own.”

“All of it was amazing,” said Gregory’s mom. “I loved seeing the smile on his face throughout the entire wish. He actually got to relax and not think about anything but being a kid and having fun. We really enjoyed seeing him so happy. He is still talking about the whole trip and we’ll never forget the amazing time we had. Everyone went above and beyond… I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough for making him feel so special.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Gregory’s dreams become a reality:

  • Ocean Reef Club
  • Round Up Fishing Charters
  • Dolphin’s Plus
  • Sundowners
  • Burgee Bar


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