Alexia’s VIP Shopping Spree Brings Her Inspiration and Joy

“She really enjoyed herself and has been doing great since the wish. Alexia has been joyful.”

Alexia’s mom noticed that she was suddenly sleeping a lot, and was always cold, even during the summer months. Alexia had also developed two knots on the side of her neck and was losing weight. Testing revealed that Alexia had Hodgkin’s disease, a cancer of the immune system called the lymphatic system. As the cancer progresses, it limits the body’s ability to fight infection. Lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, or groin may swell, and other symptoms include fatigue, fever and chills. Alexia was hospitalized for two weeks, receiving antibiotics and chemotherapy to treat the knots on her neck.

Alexia is loving and kind, and aspires to be a nurse so that she can also help others dealing with cancer. She adores everything pink, her dog Princess and loves to shop. So it was perfect that Alexia’s wish would take place at a mall, surrounded by all of her favorite stores.

Wish Kid Alexia with a mall representative on her shopping spree wish

Alexia arrived at Four Seasons Town Centre and picked up her generous gift cards courtesy of the mall and Kids Wish Network. Her first stop was Bath & Body Works, where the store surprised Alexia with a gift card, a cookie cake and balloons. She then headed over to Express where they also welcomed her with gifts, a gift card and a reserved dressing room decorated with flowers.

Alexia had fun using her gift cards throughout the day to shop for all of her favorite things. Additional gift cards were given to her from FYE, Hot Topic, Journeys, JCPenney, as well as gifts from Emon Fashion, Custom Caps, Forever 21, Yankee Candle, Boost Mobile and Journeys. Alexia also enjoyed breakfast at Chick-fil-A and lunch at Sakura Express. “One of my favorite things was when the Chick-fil-A cow came out,” said Wish Kid Alexia. “It was a fun day of shopping and lots of people were helping me. I’m going to make a scrapbook.”

“Alexia now has great expectations for herself and wants to counsel and help others with how she overcame what she’s been through,” said her mom Margarita. “She really enjoyed herself and has been doing great since the wish. Alexia has been joyful.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Alexia’s dreams become a reality:

  • Four Seasons Town Centre
  • FYE
  • Hot Topic
  • Emon Fashion
  • Custom Caps
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Sakura Express
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Custom Caps
  • Yankee Candle
  • Boost Mobile
  • Forever 21
  • Journeys
  • JCPenney


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