Gators, Dolphins, Airboats and Sheriffs are Wish Kid Noah’s South Florida Paradise

Wish Kid Noah loves marine life, tropical destinations, gators, and has a deep admiration for law enforcement.

Throughout his young life, Wish Kid Noah has faced many challenges with his health… After seeing multiple doctors and receiving several misdiagnoses, it was finally discovered that Noah had Colonic Dysmotility. This condition applies to abnormal colonic contractions where the gut has lost its ability to coordinate muscular activity. Noah has undergone surgery to have a portion of his colon removed, and it’s likely that he will need more surgeries in the future. Since birth, he has been in and out of the hospital dealing with over 20 diagnoses, which have also required many tests and medical procedures.

Noah loves marine life, tropical destinations, gators, and has a deep admiration for law enforcement. He treasures his collection of police badges from all over the country, and hopes to proudly wear his own badge as a police officer one day. In the process of Noah collecting badges, a special connection was made with Sergeant Mike Rosenthal of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.  A family friend of Noah’s who worked in law enforcement notified Sergeant Rosenthal about Noah’s hobby, and he sent Noah a badge for his extensive collection. The future held surprises… and it would happen during Noah’s wish.

When Kids Wish Network found out about all of Noah’s favorite things, they put together a very special tropical getaway that would be a postcard perfect wish. Noah and his family were flown to Fort Lauderdale, and stayed at the picturesque Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, located oceanfront right on Fort Lauderdale Beach. “Everyone at the hotel was amazing,” said Noah’s mom Susan. “They made us feel so special. We still talk about it.”

Wish Kid Noah on his wish with his family
Wish Kid Noah on his wish at Westin


For adventure, Noah and his family experienced Everglades Holiday Park, home of Animal Planet’s Gator Boys. They took a tour of the Everglades on a speed-filled and invigorating airboat tour through the wetlands, discovering all of its inhabitants… with the most well known being the Florida alligator. “The airboat was not your typical boat. It was so fun and like a thrilling ride,” said Noah’s mom. While at the park, they also enjoyed a wildly entertaining and educational show of exciting stunts and tricks hosted by a member of the Gator Boys. Noah met him after the show, and his mom said, “He had interesting stories and was super nice.” Noah was also excited to hold a baby gator for family photos.

Wish Kid Noah on his wish swimming with Dolphins
Wish Kid Noah on his wish holding a baby alligator


Noah loves animals, and part of his wish included him adopting a dolphin through the Dolphin and Communication Project. His mom said, “In addition to his pets, Noah now tells everyone that he also has a dolphin.” The family also visited the Miami Seaquarium, experiencing shows, exhibits and the aquarium’s Dolphin Encounter, where Noah enjoyed time in the water interacting with a new dolphin friend. Noah’s mom said he was so happy to experience the dolphin encounter firsthand with his sister.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office also provided a very special surprise for Noah. When Sergeant Mike Rosenthal was tipped off about the wish by law enforcement in Noah’s hometown, Sergeant Rosenthal quickly organized a memorable day fit for law enforcement’s biggest fan.

Wish Kid Noah with police and family
Wish Kid Noah getting his Deputy badge from the Broward County Sheriff's Office

Wish Kid Noah was named as an honorary junior deputy and greeted at his hotel by sheriff escorts who took him to meet and visit with Aviation, K-9, SWAT and Marine Units. “They came to the resort with their lights on,” said Noah’s mom. “He was over the moon with excitement. We were all so surprised and there were a lot of happy tears.”

During Noah’s wish, the family dined like rock stars at the celebrity worthy Hard Rock Café, experienced a fun Polynesian celebration of food and dynamic entertainment at the Mai Kai Restaurant and Polynesian Show, and also enjoyed a decadent Brazilian experience of endless tableside carvings at Texas de Brazil.

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