Wish Kid Camdyn Had a VIP Shopping Experience of a Lifetime

“I felt very special on my wish, like a movie star”

Camdyn’s mother began noticing her daughter was losing weight when she was just five years old. Camdyn’s health tests showed her blood sugar levels were off the charts from what is normal for someone her age. Camdyn was immediately admitted to the hospital where her mother began training on how to help her daughter with her Type 1 diabetes. Camdyn received a pump that administered Humalog insulin, but unfortunately experienced some seizures. It was later discovered that her pump had been malfunctioning and causing these seizures. Since the pump was replaced, Camdyn’s levels are doing much better, but she still struggles with handling her diabetes in everyday life.

Camdyn is very artistic and enjoys drawing and taking part in theater. She is also a member of her local church youth group. Described as laid back and mature, Camdyn’s favorite thing in the world is spending time with young kids. She helps at the nursery of her church and aspires to be a physical therapist for small children one day. Camdyn loves all types of clothing styles and enjoys taking part in the art of shopping.

Kids Wish Network granted Camdyn’s wish and sent her on a very special VIP Shopping Experience at the Houston Galleria Mall in Houston, TX.

Upon arrival to Houston, Camdyn and her family checked into the beautiful Granduca Houston Hotel, the hotel they would be staying during the duration of Camdyn’s wish. According to her mother, Camdyn was so amazed by the suite the family was staying in and didn’t want to leave as it was bigger than her actual home and they served breakfast in the room, something Camdyn had never experienced before.

Wish Kid Camdyn by the pool at the Granduca Houston Hotel

The memorable first day of the wish began when the Granduca Houston Hotel provided a sleek and beautiful Maserati for Camdyn to ride solo in while on the way the Houston Galleria Mall for her big day. The always dependable Karr Limousine Service followed closely behind with the rest of Camdyn’s family. Once Camdyn arrived, she headed right to Saks Fifth Avenue where she was graciously greeted by the fantastic employees at Saks. From there, Camdyn headed to the variety of stores and began shopping away the day. With only some of her early shopping complete, it was time for a break with some pampering. Saks Fifth Avenue was excited to provide Camdyn with a special complimentary makeover.

After the makeover at Saks Fifth Avenue, Camdyn continued her shopping experience in the Galleria. Claire’s, Bath & Body Works, Justice, Giorgio Armani, Guess, Journey’s, Microsoft, Express, Forever 21, and Hot Topic generously donated toward Camdyn’s once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree. By the end of the day, after all her shopping was done, Camdyn was tired and especially hungry. Karr Limousine picked up Camdyn and her family and took them straight to the upscale Capital Grille who was happy to provide a delectable dinner for Camdyn and her family. The dinner just capped off an all-around incredible day that Camdyn will always remember.

Camdyn could not believe all of the things she was able to pick up on her shopping wish, “I got so many clothes and jewelry on my shopping spree that my mom had to clean out her closet to allow for all the new things!”

Camdyn went on to talk about how special everyone made her feel during her once-in-a-lifetime wish, “I felt very special on my wish, like a movie star!”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Camdyn’s dreams become reality:

• Granduca Houston Hotel
• Karr Limousine Service
• Houston Galleria Mall
• Saks Fifth Avenue
• The Capital Grille
• Giorgio Armani
• Guess
• Journey’s
• Microsoft
• Claire’s
• Justice
• Bath & Body Works
• Express
• Forever 21
• Hot Topic


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