Bastian is Recognized as Kids Wish Network and The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Hero of the Month

“Bastian is an incredibly resilient Hero who displayed great courage during frightening and painful experiences”

Appendicitis is a very painful and sudden illness caused by an inflamed appendix, and it typically requires emergency surgery. Statistics reveal that this surgery is very common as one in every 15 Americans will be forced to experience this in their lifetime.

Appendicitis alone would claim Bastian as a Hero; however, his story continues far beyond such a routine surgery, revealing his resiliency and strength. When Bastian arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered that Bastian’s appendix had ruptured, there was an abscess around it, and it was beginning to attach to his abdominal wall. A wound vac was put in place during the surgery, and after a week of struggling to heal, Bastian went into the OR for a routine wound vac removal procedure. With high anticipation for this second surgery to help him heal and end this terrible journey, Bastian’s family became concerned when the surgery was taking longer than expected. This was still only the beginning of his heroic story, as an infection had developed.

After the surgery, Bastian did not begin to get better as hoped. He soon stopped eating and interacting and just laid in bed looking out the window. When the staff studied his labs, they saw that his kidneys were beginning to fail. It was at this time that he was quickly transferred to The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to work with a kidney specialist. At Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, they found that the antibiotics that he had been on were causing kidney failure. Once settled in the PICU, the doctors checked his incision and found that it was full of infection and causing so much pain and fear for Bastian.
“To hear a child beg and plead with God to stop the pain is something that will shake you to the core,” said Bastian’s mom.

Bastian had yet a 3rd surgery and finally began to see relief. Within 12 hours, he was beginning to walk and become hungry again. He continued with two more OR procedures and was finally sent home 23 days after his first hospital admission.

Throughout his hospital stay and even after, Bastian stayed very polite to all the staff and never gave up. He had moments when he would get down, but still pushed himself to do what he needed to.

Bastian was very thankful for the Hero award that he received and used the Hero gift card to buy a remote control car and two X Box games. Whenever he is having a hard time with the healing process, he pulls out the official Hero certificate and gifts to be reminded of what he has overcome, and he carries his Guardian Angel Coin with him. Bastian has endured more than many of us will ever endure and is still overcoming kidney issues, as well as other health complications. His strong resilience is evident to all as he has conquered one of the scariest months in his lifetime.

It is with great pride that we honor Bastian’s resiliency by recognizing him as Kids Wish Network’s along with The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Hero of the Month. Congratulations, Bastian!


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