Wish Kid Shai hopes to be a model power shopper with a VIP spree

Wish Kid Shai is a sensitive and caring girl

Shai is a sensitive and caring girl who loves fashion, the colors teal and purple, all things Disney, sports, and collecting Sharks hockey memorabilia. And just as she has a big heart for others, she also embraces living life to the fullest. Although for Wish Kid Shai, she has faced many health challenges, and it’s been a difficult life path. She was previously very athletic and enjoyed running. However, her life changed after a standard high school physical revealed that she had high blood pressure. But this was just the beginning. Further testing and a biopsy revealed the unthinkable… Shai was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy, an incurable disease of the kidneys. And in her case, it was discovered that both of her kidneys were damaged, making it necessary for her to be placed on steroids and blood pressure medication to help manage her condition. Over time, the illness progressed, and she’s been undergoing dialysis. With her kidneys deteriorating to detrimental functioning levels, she requires a double kidney transplant, and awaits her turn to be matched on an extensive kidney transplant list.

Throughout Shai’s continued challenges, she keeps a positive attitude, works hard at school, and continues to focus on things that bring her happiness. In addition to Shai’s love of hockey, she also has a passion for another favorite sport… shopping! Shai hopes to one day be a model on a runway, so her dream is to experience a VIP power shopping experience at all of her favorite stores.

Kids Wish Network knows the perfect wish for Shai and is hard at work planning it for her; make sure to stay up to date on all of the details of her wish!


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