Olivia is Queen of the Mall During Her VIP Shopping Spree

“It was so much fun! I loved it and every single store.”

Olivia was born with a congenital heart defect, and endured four open heart surgeries. Eventually her heart began to fail, and Olivia had a heart transplant. After being prescribed anti-rejection medications for the transplant, she developed post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), a cancer that can develop from taking immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection of an organ. For the next couple of months, Olivia underwent treatment to fight the cancer. She is currently in remission, but still requires weekly IVIG injections. She’ll require anti-rejection medication throughout her life. Even with all of Olivia’s health challenges, she remains positive.

One of the ways Olivia finds happiness is through her love of fashion. She follows all the latest trends, and likes wearing stylish clothing and accessories. Kids Wish Network shopped around for this fashionista, giving her the VIP shopping spree of her dreams.

Wish Kid Olivia with Hot Topic staff
Wish Kid Olivia with Governor's Square Mall staff
Wish Kid Olivia showing off her new things from Belk

Olivia’s wish began with her receiving a generous gift card from Governor’s Square Mall through the Cafaro Foundation. Olivia had so much fun using her gift card to shop at her favorite stores. She was also presented with wonderful gifts from mall merchants including Toys R Us, Game Stop, Harris Teddy Bear, Air Graphics T-Shirt, Ashcroft & Oak, Great American Cookies, Monster Spider Jump, and Apple Express Train. So many stores came together for Olivia’s shopping spree. Kind employees at Vapes chipped in to buy her a general debit card, and she also received gift cards from JCPenney and Hot Topic. Belk surprised her with a new dress, matching shoes and a makeover. Olivia said, “I loved my makeover. It made me feel really special.”

Wish Kid Olivia after having her makeup done
Wish Kid Olivia checking out her personal cookie cake
Wish Kid Olivia trying on her crown

After her makeover, she had a photo session with the photographers at Cliq Portrait Studios. Her beautiful photos captured the magic of her unforgettable day. “Olivia looked so pretty in her photo shoot,” said her mom Sarah. “She looked like a star.” She was also treated like one. Governor’s Square Mall bestowed a lavish crown on Olivia and named her “Queen of the Mall.” She and her family also enjoyed a memorable dinner at Demos’ Restaurant.

Wish Kid Olivia posing for her professional picture
Wish Kid Olivia posing for her professional pictures

“The wish was really special for me,” said Olivia. “It was so much fun! I loved it and every single store.”

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for making Olivia’s dreams become a reality:

  • Governor’s Square Mall, Clarkesville TN
  • Cafaro Foundation
  • Demos’ Restaurant
  • Cliq Portrait Studios
  • Ashcroft & Oak
  • Harris Teddy Bear
  • Air Graphics T-Shirt
  • Game Stop
  • Great American Cookies
  • Belk, Inc.
  • JCPenney
  • Hot Topic
  • Monster Spider Jump
  • Apple Express Train
  • Vapes employees


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