Wish Kid Lexie Wants to Visit Walt Disney World for Her Once-in-a-Lifetime Wish

Alexandra or ‘Lexie’ went in for her routine orthopedic appointment and the doctor immediately noticed a curvature of her spine. After tests and x-rays, Lexie was diagnosed with neuromuscular scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine resulting from a neuromuscular disorder. Lexie was unusually young for this type of diagnoses.

Doctors tried numerous therapies including braces on her back, aquatic therapy, and finally electrical therapy, but none of them worked. Eventually it was determined that Lexie needed back surgery. A stapling surgery was performed which is a non-fusion technique used for the management of scoliosis. That surgery was followed up by two spinal fusions. After each surgery it took up to a year for Lexie to get back to normal function.

Despite Lexie being physically limited, she remains a loving and cheerful young lady. Lexie enjoys movies, animals, the beach and various types of electronics. She likes to walk her neighbor’s dogs and ride bikes in her free time. Lexie really loves all things Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast. Her favorite character in the Disney classic is Gaston who Lexie hopes to one day at Disney World.

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