Darah’s Life Was Changed Forever

What should have been a nice family outing to a local ice cream store turned out instead to be life changing for Wish Kid Darah and her entire family.

The family was standing outside of a local ice cream store, when unknown shooters shot towards the building. Darah was hit with a bullet that went through an area below her eye and came out through the back of her head. With this, Darah suffered multiple facial fractures and a resulting (TBI) traumatic brain injury. Surgery had to be performed to stop the bleeding, and she has had to undergo physical and occupational therapies. She lost the sight in her left eye. Darah is unable to open her mouth completely, so she will need to have reconstruction surgery on her jawbone. Darah must be monitored for seizures, a common complication of a TBI.

Darah’s family says she has retained a great sense of humor and still enjoys many of the things she did before the shooting. She is a fan of Beyonce and Rhihanna, as she loves their style and music, and her favorite actor is Sandra Bullock.

Kids Wish Network can’t wait to work to fulfill a fabulous once in a lifetime wish for Darah; check back for more details about her wish!


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