Wish Kid Colton’s Big Imagination

Colton was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at just five weeks old. Treatment for his cystic fibrosis includes medication, precaution treatments to loosen the congestion in his lungs, an inhaler, and a precaution vest. He also is hospitalized at least once a year for a couple of weeks for what his family calls his “tune up.”
Wish Kid Colton with policeman on his wish reveal
Colton is an easy going kid who loves to play with Legos, watch the cartoons Garfield and Phineas and Ferb, and play with toy Monster Trucks. His parents talk about how smart he is and how he uses his “big imagination” when playing. Colton has no problem telling others about his illness and what it’s like to be a kid with CF. He dreams of one day becoming a K9 police officer.

Wish Kid Colton and his cake from Jilly Cakes
Wish Kid Colton out front of Legoland Florida
Wish Kid Colton in front of Magic Kingdom at Disney

Wish Kid Colton with one of the dwarfs at Disney
Wish Kid Colton at Universal studios
Wish Kid Colton at Universal studios in front of sign


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