Jacob is Recognized as Kids Wish Network and Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital Hero of the Month

“He exhibited every quality that a hero should have: courage, strength, and bravery”

These were the profound words stated by Jacob’s child life specialist, Carly Thompson, when she nominated Jacob as Kids Wish Network’s Hero of the Month in August stating that he was “the bravest, most stoic patient I have ever worked with”.

Over the summer, Jacob attended a camp for children who have had cancer along with their siblings. Jacob’s brother is a cancer survivor. While getting out of the lake and into a boat during one of the camp’s swimming activities, the running boat propellers severely injured both of Jacob’s legs.

He was quickly flown to Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital for emergency care. During the flight, he bravely chose not to take the pain medication that was offered, and when he landed, he continued to stay calm in the trauma room claiming that his legs were just “a little sore”. He was even the comforter to his concerned parents while the medical staff examined the severe lacerations on his legs and took x-rays.

After multiple examinations, it was decided that he would be rushed to surgery to help heal his many wounds and repair his broken leg. He spent three more days in the hospital where he continued his bravery and courage.

“Honestly, this child had every reason to be fearful due to the severity of his injury, yet he remained brave and kind”.

It is with great pride that Kids Wish Network, along with Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, honors Jacob’s courage by recognizing him as one of our Heroes of the Month. Congratulations Jacob!


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