Wish Kid Liliana Dreams of Spending Time With the Real Disney Princesses

At just a few weeks old, Liliana was rushed to the hospital with an enlarged liver. Various tests were performed on the child, and it was discovered that Liliana had tumors on both her adrenal glands and her liver. Doctors diagnosed Liliana with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Still only a few weeks old, Liliana endured chemotherapy for three straight days before more tests were performed. This time the tests showed that Liliana’s tumors had begun to break down and were showing signs of improvement. That very day, she was declared to be in remission.
Her mother describes Liliana as a spit-fire; she will want to play with dolls and dresses one minute, then the next, want to play army men outside with her brothers. A very loving and fun girl, Liliana loves Paw Patrol, coloring, and Princess Bell. Liliana dreams of one day spending time with the world-famous princesses of Walt Disney World.

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