Wish Kid Cooper Dreams of Warm Weather and Baseball

Cooper’s grandfather and aunt both have type 1 long QT syndrome and commonly experience seizures and fainting. Since long QT syndrome is often an inherited heart condition, it was decided a DNA test would be performed on Cooper and other members of his immediate family. The results of the test showed that both Cooper and his mother had type 1 long QT syndrome.

Cooper was just six years old when he was diagnosed with the syndrome that has some very scary symptoms including arrhythmia, fainting, cardiac arrest, and even sudden death.
Doctors have put Cooper on Beta blockers to lower his heart rate. He is required to carry automated external defibrillators or AEDs at all times, which is a constant reminder of just how serious his condition is.

Despite his serious condition, mom says that Cooper is fairly active and loves both football and baseball. A caring boy, Cooper is shy at first, but then he really warms up to you. His mom says that Cooper can be silly, sarcastic, funny, and inquisitive and wise far beyond his years. Cooper’s favorite baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays. He hopes that one day he can catch a game in person.

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