Wish Kid Latravious Dreams of Being Ringside for WWE Wrestling

When he was born, doctors noticed that Latravious did not have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout his body and was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Unlike when normal round and flexible red blood cells move through the body, sickle cell anemia causes red blood cells to become rigid and sticky, like a sickle, and can slow or block blood flow and oxygen from getting to important areas of the body.

Latravious spends a lot of time in the hospital, where he is required to receive infusions and IV fluids anytime his blood counts get low. Although he suffered an unexpected silent stroke at the age of 10, Latravious still keeps a positive attitude and excels in school.

Latravious is a quiet and friendly boy who enjoys science, particularly the study of life and all living organisms. He has even visited a few museums and aquariums and found them extremely fascinating. Latravious is described as a patient and humble boy that loves to play video games and watch action and comedy movies. A huge fan of professional wrestling and the WWE for many years, Latravious hopes that one day he can be ringside to watch the action up close and personal.

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