Wish Kid Hailey Wants Her Very Own VIP Shopping Experience

At just nine years old, Hailey started rapidly losing weight, but doctors assured her mother she was only going through a rapid growth spurt. Hailey went to several doctors, all with different opinions about what was causing her growth issues. After some time had gone by, and doctors still could not put their finger on what was causing Hailey’s symptoms, her condition had worsened to a point where she couldn’t hold down any food and was consistently feeling nauseous. Hailey was losing even more weight during this time and her skin color started to turn grey.

At this point, Hailey’s parents decided they needed to take her to a specialist who performed an endoscopic test that showed Hailey’s esophagus and intestines were inflamed, and she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. Hailey was placed on aggressive treatments and steroids for about three years, and today takes injections at home to help control her condition.

Despite all that she has been through, Hailey remains an outgoing girl and really enjoys being around her friends. Hailey has been in dance classes since she was three years old and currently takes lyrical, jazz, and tap dance twice a week. Described as a bit of a joker, Hailey loves to watch football, her favorite team being the Carolina Panthers. One of Hailey’s favorite hobbies is shopping, and she dreams of one day going shopping for an entire day, all for her.

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