Wish Kid Cole Dreams of Fishing Out On the Open Ocean

During his one week check-up after his birth, Cole’s body was displaying odd coloring, and he wasn’t gaining weight properly. An MRI led to the discovery of a heart murmur. Other tests showed a congenital heart defect called tricuspid atresia. Tricuspid atresia is a condition in which the tricuspid heart valve is missing or abnormally developed, and the defect blocks blood flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle. Cole endured two different surgeries to rearrange his heart valves.

Wish Kid Cole swimming with some dolphins

When Cole was in second grade, he became ill with what was believed to be a virus picked up at school. This time, an MRI discovered an abscess on his brain. and Cole underwent brain surgery. A few years later when Cole began coughing up blood, tests showed that his body was producing extra blood vessels in his lungs that were bursting. He was put into a ten day medically induced coma. A month after surgery on his lungs, Cole had to undergo a repeat of that surgery. Cole is showing signs of improvement but is closely monitored just in case he has another episode like the ones he is all too familiar with.

Wish Kid Cole and a dolphin painting a picture

Despite all of the things Cole has been through, he remains a sweet and helpful boy. Described as funny, Cole enjoys watching James Bond movies and playing his Xbox. He likes to follow the University of Georgia’s football team and enjoys seeing Uga, the team’s mascot, hype up the Georgia crowd! Cole’s all-time favorite hobby is fishing and hopes one day to go deep sea fishing and see what mysterious fish are out there just waiting for him to catch.


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