Wish Kid Seth Dreams of Cooking With World Renowned Chefs

Seth grew up healthy, doing regular boy things until about two years ago when his mother started to notice Seth was losing weight and always seemed to be tired and nauseas. After a few years of doctor visits and blood work, Seth was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract. Following his diagnoses, Seth was immediately given infusions to help fight the disease and its symptoms. Seth currently undergoes infusions once a month.

Despite the fact that prolonged physical activity can be hard on him, Seth still finds ways to be happy and make lots of friends. Seth enjoys playing various video games with great story lines on his Xbox because it makes him feel accomplished. Described as a kind and thoughtful boy, Seth enjoys math and engineering in school as they are easy subjects for him. Seth loves to cook and hopes that one day he can meet a famous chef to teach him some tips, tricks, and secrets of the kitchen.

Kids Wish Network knows the perfect place to send Seth and is hard at work planning a dream of a lifetime for him; make sure to stay up to date on all of the details of his wish!


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