Wish Kid Morgan Wants to ‘Rock Out’ On a New Guitar

Morgan was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the time of her birth. Immediately, as a new-born she started breathing treatments and medications that seemed to help her lung function, for the time-being. However, as Morgan got older, her condition worsened. Anytime her lung function was low, she would spend time in the hospital to bring her lung function back to an acceptable condition.

Morgan was placed on a new medication just a few years ago that has resulted in some improvement. Surgery was performed to place a port in her body so medications could be injected properly.

Described as a chatty girl, Morgan loves to do her make-up, hair, and being stylish everyday for school. She enjoys watching movies, music videos, and playing Xbox with her brother. Her mother describes Morgan as a strong-willed, caring, and happy girl, with a great heart and who loves her family and friends very much. Morgan’s all-time favorite thing to do is sing; she hopes to start learning to play the guitar so she can fulfill her dream of one day becoming a professional musician.

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