Wish Kid John Dreams of Taking the Bull by the Horns Meeting a Heroic Bull Rider

When John was 3, his mom had concerns about his health, noticing that he looked pale, was always thirsty, and frequently having to use the restroom. He was hospitalized for testing, and it was discovered that he had an auto immune disorder characterized by the pancreas producing little or no insulin. John was administered IV fluids, and endured shots 5 times a day. Once returning home, treatment included two types of insulin injections, and constantly monitoring his blood sugar levels. John is required to carry an emergency bag on him at all times, and he’s been utilizing an insulin pump that is attached to his stomach. While the insulin is necessary, it sometimes causes John to feel tired and dizzy. The constant monitoring has also been challenging, causing him to have sleepless nights with the need to continuously check his levels. Thankfully John has recently been approved for a continuous glucose monitor, however it will still require attention with the wire needing to be changed out every 7 days.

John’s childhood has been stressful with all of the responsibilities to maintain his health, yet he perseveres and takes it in stride. He is strong, brave and described as being an old soul. His entertainment does not come in the form of video games or electronics… he enjoys adventures in the great outdoors with activities like fishing, riding horses, and mud bogging with friends. He dreams of being a bull rider, and lives vicariously through others, watching professional riders compete in this courageous rodeo sport.

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