Wish Kid Hunner Hopes to Have a Jamming Fun Wish

When Hunner was a toddler, he started getting sick. He was no longer walking or talking and lost his appetite. His mom was concerned, but after multiple doctor visits, Hunner’s pediatrician still felt that there was nothing serious to worry about. Thankfully Hunner’s mom followed her instincts and took him to the ER, because it was discovered that his blood sugar levels were dangerously low and that he had an auto immune disease. He was put on an insulin drip, and currently uses an insulin pump to keep his condition under control. Hunner has been hospitalized many times for his low blood sugar levels, and during one of his visits it was discovered that he had developed diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a serious condition that if left untreated, can lead to loss of consciousness and be fatal. Hunner’s medication sometimes causes him to feel nauseous, and he has difficulty sleeping due to his sugar levels having to be checked throughout the night.

Hunner is silly, smart, and very loving. Despite his condition, he keeps a positive attitude and finds happiness in watching Star Wars, building Lego sets and collecting cars and Monster Trucks. He’s a huge fan of Monster Jam, and wants to be a Monster Truck driver when he grows up.

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