Wish Kid Lacey Gets to Find Nemo

Lacey suffered a stroke at birth, and at just a few days old was diagnosed with cerebrovascular disease. With this disease, plaque builds up and limits or completely obstructs the blood flow to the brain. Lacey takes anti-seizure and pain medication. She wears a leg brace 24 hours a day to help stretch her leg affected by the stroke. She must also wear a hand splint that she named “Lucky” because to her, and in reference to one of her favorite movie characters Nemo, it is her lucky “fin”.

In talking with Lacey, you quickly learn that she has a clever sense of humor. She is a happy little girl who loves roller coasters and waterparks.

Kids Wish Network wants Lacey to have a chance to make memories when she rides a roller coaster and enjoys the fun of the Finding Nemo water adventure and other attractions at Disneyland in California.


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