Wish Kid Ethan Gets to Soak Up the Sun

Ethan and his twin brother were both born early at just 24 weeks. As is often common in premature babies, Ethan had a hole in his heart, underdeveloped lungs, and problems with his eyesight. Although doctors were able to close the hole in his heart, Ethan developed chronic lung disease, a progressive condition where the lungs can trap air or collapse fill with fluid, and produce excessive mucous. Ethan’s case is complicated by chronic asthma. He has undergone 20 surgeries on his eyes and is now considered legally blind in one eye.

A shy teen, Ethan mainly likes playing video games on his PS3 and watching the TV show Family Guy. He likes classical music and plays the trumpet in the school band. Mostly, he loves spending time with his family.

Kids Wish Network knows a great beach to send Ethan and his family to for some good old fashioned fun in the sun; check back for more details about his wish!


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