Wish Kid Clayton Could Be the Ironman’s Biggest Fan

At one year old, Clayton could not do the same things a typical one year old could do. His poor balance caused many falls which resulted in face fractures and several teeth being knocked out. Following a visit to the hospital after his conditioned had worsened, Clayton was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus or buildup of spinal fluid on the brain. An emergency surgery was performed on Clayton, and a shunt was put in his brain to relieve pressure. Clayton‘s brain shunt will need to be monitored for the rest of his life. Clayton is currently receiving speech, physical, and occupational therapy. His mother says he has his good days and his bad days but continues to improve.

Clayton is described as a sweet and funny boy who loves to spend time with his brothers and sisters. He likes spending time outside, where he enjoys riding his tricycle around the yard and playing with his dog Mitsy. Clayton is obsessed with all things Ironman. His favorite movie, song, and toys are all from the Ironman movies. Clayton hopes to visit fun and adventurous theme parks someday and has his mind set on witnessing the magic of a Disney park.

Kids Wish Network knows the perfect place to send Clayton and is hard at work planning a dream of a lifetime for him; make sure to stay up to date on all of the details of his wish!


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