Wish Kid Ava Will Feel Like Super Girl Power Shopping on a VIP Spree

Ava wasn’t feeling well, and initially doctors didn’t see symptoms that were a cause for concern. Shortly after, Ava became very pale and was frequently having to use the restroom. She was taken to a doctor, and after testing, she was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little to no insulin. Ava had high levels of ketones in her urine and her blood sugar levels were also elevated. She was sent to the hospital, and further testing revealed that Ava’s blood sugar level was alarmingly high, and she had developed diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), causing Ava to spend a week in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Since her hospitalization, Ava has managed her condition with insulin injections, and currently utilizes an insulin pump.

Even though Ava must deal with extra health challenges, she lives her life with great enthusiasm. She likes being outdoors in nature, works hard in maintaining good grades, and is very athletic, enjoying watching and playing sports – especially basketball. Ava is affectionately known as “Comic Girl”, being an avid fan of Super Girl and Marvel. For her wish, she’ll experience her own super adventure with a special VIP shopping spree!

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