Six Weeks of Fevers and Body Aches Before Diagnosis of JRA

Shortly after he turned six years old, Christopher started experiencing high fevers and complained that his whole body hurt. An initial trip to the doctor’s office first dismissed his illness as a virus. For six more weeks, Christopher did not improve but continued with a fever and body aches. He developed a rash at his joints which along with the length of time that he didn’t feel well, prompted a return to the doctor for another examination. Through blood work, Christopher was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or JRA.

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed by joint inflammation and stiffness that lasts for more than 6 weeks in a child 16 years or younger. JRA is an autoimmune disorder meaning that the immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues, causing inflammation. The inflammation then causes redness, swelling, warmth, and soreness in the joints. The condition can affect any joint, and it may limit how well those joints work.

Christopher is prescribed pain medication he must take twice a day. He also takes five chemo pills every week. Possible complications from the chemo pills is the potential for developing diabetes, so Christopher’s blood sugar is monitored daily.

This sweet and loyal child would love to be able to give his mom “a million dollars because she deserves it.” Christopher dreams of going to Texas when he grows up and joining the military. Before all that he would like to go with his family to the magical world of Disney in Orlando, Florida.

That simple wish sounds like something Kids Wish Network can grant; check back for more details about his wish!


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