Rae is named Hero of the Month for Kids Wish Network & Ministry St. Joseph’s

“A head on collision fractured seven year old Rae’s spine and neck”

At the age of seven, Rae was involved in a major motor vehicle accident. The family car was struck in a head on collision. Although Rae was severely hurt, she noticed that her father was having significant trouble breathing and crawled into the front seat to check on him. She sang to him, soothing him until help finally arrived.

Rae’s injuries were extensive, and as soon as the ambulance made it to the hospital, she was rushed into emergency surgery. Her doctors opened up her abdomen and raced to find the source of her internal bleeding. Rae’s intestines were damaged, and her doctors needed to control the bleeding in order to repair them. Afterward, she was admitted to the PICU and kept heavily sedated. She suffered unstable fractures to her spine and neck, as well as strained ligaments as a result of the trauma. Her injuries required her to remain lying down in a flat, non-weight bearing position while her body began to heal. Rae needed to wear a neck brace and will be in a back brace for at least three months. She also had a brain contusion, causing frequent painful headaches.

Regardless of her numerous injuries, Rae didn’t let the pain consume her. She challenged herself and was even able to stand with assistance from therapists, only four days after her accident. Rae continued to push through each step, though every slight movement pained her. Her smile remained intact, and she had a playful attitude with her family and the staff. The true colors of Rae’s personality finally started to shine through as she began her therapeutic journey back to a routine that she found comfortable. Rae still has a very “tricky” back and a leg brace that restrict her movement, but the hindrances to her mobility don’t frustrate her. They merely serve as more milestones for her to reach and conquer on her path towards recovery. According to her Child Life Specialist, Rae is a shining example of rehabilitation at its very best. “She is a true hero to herself and to the rehab process.”

It is with great pride that we honor Rae’s incredible spirit and determination by recognizing her as Kid’s Wish Network’s along with Ministry St. Joseph’s Hero of the Month. Congratulations, Rae!


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