Wish Kid Isaac Dreams of Adventures in the Ocean

Early on in his adolescent years, Isaac began experiencing stomach issues. His parents had taken him to the emergency room several times, then finally to a stomach specialist. The specialist began to run various tests on Isaac. It was discovered that his liver enzymes were ten times higher than they should have been, and he was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis or “PSC.” PSC is a disease which causes inflammation and scarring of the bile ducts that carry digestive juices from you liver to your small intestine, eventually causing the ducts to harden and narrow, gradually resulting in serious liver damage.

Following the diagnoses, the family prepared for the worst, thinking that Isaac would require a liver transplant. During the course of a year, doctors managed to get Isaac’s liver under control, but unfortunately discovered that Isaac also had Crohn’s disease, or inflammation of the lining of the intestines that can lead to severe pain, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition.

Isaac’s Crohn’s disease has become very active in the last couple of years and has caused him to miss a lot of school and activities he would have liked to take part in, but still he remains a happy boy. Described by mom as easy-going and fun, Isaac has recently found a new love for animals and volunteers twice a week at the local animal shelter. His love of animals also has caused him to become curious about animals he doesn’t come across much, more specifically the mysterious creatures of the ocean. Isaac hopes to one day visit the crystal-clear blue waters of the ocean where he can swim in the ocean and try and learn more about fascinating marine life.

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