Partial Skull Removal and Symptoms Still Return with a Vengeance

“Gavyn was so sick that he lost 18 pounds in one month”

At the age of six, Gavin was frequently sick with pounding headaches and severe nausea, progressing to the point where he lost 18 pounds in one month. Fearful for their son,, Gavyn’s family took him to a variety of doctors and specialists to rule out all kinds of possible illnesses. Even after countless appointments and tests, no one had an answer as to what Gavyn was suffering from. After a few months, his pain became too much one day, and he passed out from the intensity. His parents rushed him to the ER where they ran a CAT scan on Gavyn. He was referred to a neurologist, but before he could schedule a visit, his vision was compromised. This symptom prompted his doctors to order an MRI. The results showed that Gavyn’s cerebellar tonsils had pushed down through his skull and into his spinal canal. They were blocking the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid, a condition known as Chiari malformation. To treat his illness, a neurosurgeon performed a Chiari decompression craniectomy to remove the bone at the back of Gavyn’s skull and spine. The surgery was successful in restoring his vision and relieving him of headaches.

For almost a year, Gavyn was symptom free. It was only recently that the horrific headaches and nausea returned with a vengeance. Another MRI indicated that Gavyn will need another surgery soon. Specific complications associated with this surgery include the risk of nerve or brain damage that may cause permanent disability. With that in mind, Gavyn’s family would like to try and treat his condition with medication first this time around.

Now eight years old, Gavyn is a shy and quiet child. His illness has forced him to miss a lot of school. When he does feel well enough to attend, like so many other young children his favorite subject is recess. Unfortunately, due to Gavyn’s condition, he is only allowed to participate in low-impact activities. Contact sports like football, soccer, and running are too dangerous for him. Gavyn’s hobbies include playing video games like Mind Craft, watching Star Wars, and catching the latest episode of his favorite television show, Gotham.

Kids Wish Network teamed up with David Mazouz, Gotham’s Bruce Wayne, to grant Gavyn’s wish, read all about his wish meeting David.


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