Micah’s Missing Intestines

“Due to Hirschsprung’s Disease, he has a central line to feed him fluids 12 hours a day”

When Micah was born, doctors said he wouldn’t live past 3 or 4 years old. He was diagnosed with short-gut syndrome, which is characterized by missing sections of the intestine. As a result, the body cannot absorb enough fluids and nutrients. Complications include malnutrition, kidney stones caused by abnormal calcium or bile absorption, and bacterial overgrowth in the intestine.

The short-gut syndrome developed into Hirschsprung’s Disease, a condition that affects the large intestine and causes problems due to missing nerve cells in the muscles within the colon. Hirschsprung’s prevents bowel movements to pass through the intestines and is caused by a birth defect. It can lead to seriously life-threatening colon complications.

Micah needed several surgeries and was on a feeding tube until his fifth birthday. His intestinal issues were so severe that over the course of two surgeries, doctors removed all but 25 inches of Micah’s intestines. They also performed a bowel obstruction surgery. Ever since then, he has had a central line that feeds him IV fluids 12 hours a day and a colostomy bag. He will require lifelong care for his condition and close monitoring for any nutritional deficiencies.

Micha is a friendly 11 year old with an independent spirit. His favorite sports are baseball, basketball, and football. The Alabama Crimson Tide, the New England Patriots, and the Golden State Warriors are his top teams. He enjoys going to the zoo, history museums, and the aquarium with his family.


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