Mikaylah Dreams of Being a Veterinarian

“Doctors said she wouldn’t live past her third birthday”

Shortly after Mikaylah was born, she began having seizures. A neurologist diagnosed her with cerebral palsy and muscle atrophy. It took a trip to the hematologist to find out that CP was only one of Mikaylah’s health conditions. Blood work showed that Mikaylah was born with chromosome 15 deletion as well, an anomaly in her genetic makeup. She also has t-cell abnormality, causing Mikaylah to suffer from immunodeficiency. An immunodeficiency is a state in which the immune system’s ability to fight off infections is severely compromised. The chromosome 15 deletion increases Mikaylah’s risk of intellectual disability, seizures, behavioral and cognitive problems, and psychiatric disorders. Due to her various illnesses, doctors told Mikaylah’s parents that she wouldn’t live past her third birthday.

Mikaylah is a spunky book-worm who reads everything about animals that she can get her hands on. When she grows up, she’d like to be a veterinarian. Wolves and dolphins are her favorite animals. Currently in the third grade, she claims that the best parts of school are lunch and recess. Mikaylah longs to kick a soccer ball around a field and play in a fresh blanket of Colorado snow, but due to the weakness in her legs and how susceptible she is to frostbite, these activities would prove too difficult for her.

Kids Wish Network is hard at work in the wish factory planning a magical experience for Mikaylah; make sure to check back for all of the fabulous details on her spectacular wish!

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