Wish Kid Jessica’s VIP Shopping Experience

Jessica on her shopping spree wishIn January of 2015, Jessica began experiencing pain in her legs, knees, and lower back, worsening to the point that she was unable to walk or take care of herself. Jessica was given a definitive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. To manage her life-long illness, Jessica takes medication for her pain and returns to the hospital every month for an IV treatment.

Jessica hopes to obtain a degree in criminal justice. She loves crime stories and dreams of being a famous detective someday. Like many other teenagers, Jessica enjoys spending a day at the mall shopping.

Kids Wish Network sent Jessica and her mom on a fun day of shopping at the South Park Mall in San Antonio, TX. Jessica had a great time spending her gift cards and cash gifts on clothing and decorations for her room – “Amazing! I Ioved every minute of it!” Two of her stops were at her favorite stores, Rue 21 and Bath & Body Works. Mom and daughter took a break to enjoy lunch compliments of Chick-fil-A.

Later that evening, Jessica’s entire family was treated to dinner at the local Olive Garden.

Kids Wish Network would like to thank the following sponsors for helping make Jessica’s wish come true:
• South Park Mall
• Rue 21
• Bath & Body Works
• Chik-fil-A
• Olive Garden

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